Welcome to Michael’s new city council blog

Hey, welcome to my new Albany City Council blog! I’ll be posting my comments here about city council meetings and related topics. Because of the Brown Act, council members must be very careful about how they communicate with the public and other city council members. Council members are restricted to conducting the council’s business only at public meetings where the issues under discussion have been listed on an agenda available to the public.

For the most part, I will restrict my comments to meetings that have already occurred, and I will not allow reader comments. The Brown Act was passed before the era of the internet and social media, and expectations about sharing information are much different now. But we have to live with the rules. I will try to communicate as much information as I can.

I’ll write more soon on my thoughts on our first city council meeting. For now, here are the certified vote totals for the Albany City Council race:


NP – Peggy Thomsen 4060 22.00
NP – Peter Maass 3156 17.10
NP – Michael Barnes 2966 16.07
NP – Nick Pilch 2908 15.76
NP – Tod Abbott 2552 13.83
NP – Sheri Spellwoman 1672 9.06
NP – Ulan Mcknight 1089 5.90
Write-in 51 0.28